Play online video poker 2022 with real money

In 2022, video poker will be an integral part of almost every online casino. Online casinos often offer video poker machines in many different variations, for example the standard Jacks or Better version, video poker games with jokers or wild symbols, slot machines with progressive video poker jackpots or multi-hand video poker.

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Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games

Video poker itself is a relatively new casino game. At the end of the 1970s, poker on slot machines was first introduced across the board in casinos and casinos. Since then, however, the video poker machines have enjoyed great popularity and it is therefore clear why today in 2022 the casinos online for USA also have video poker slot machines in their program as standard. Poker is one of the most exciting and strategically demanding casino games and is therefore favored by USA gamblers. In order to better adapt the sometimes lengthy poker rounds, for which you not only have to bring a lot of time but also patience, to today's fast-moving casino game, video poker machines were developed for real money play. These combine the strategy and excitement of real poker games with the best features of real money slots. Ultimately, the online casinos helped to perfect video poker for real money, and they always offer new and creative concepts for modern online video poker slot machines, which are enthusiastically accepted by USA gamblers. The payout rates, which are often over 99% in many video poker versions and with the right strategy, are an incentive for many gamblers to play the poker machines intensively.

How does video poker work?

Video poker in the casino online is usually based on the five card draw poker variant. The player receives the first five cards as soon as he has chosen his real money bet. He then has the chance to decide which of these cards he would like to keep and which he would like to discard. Most casino online video poker games do not prescribe whether or how many cards you can or must hold. The player enjoys full freedom of choice here. Once you have made your choice, the cards to be discarded are replaced by new, random cards. Now you hold five cards in your hand on the virtual video poker machine in the online casino, which must make up a poker hand. Which hand guarantees the player a win is often different on video poker machines. For some, the paytable begins with two jacks (jacks or better), two kings (kings or better) or even with 2 pairs. The various winning hands, which are priced according to the conventional poker winnings table, always promise a win for multiple bets. If with a pair it is often your own bet that you get back, the profit increases with the value of the hand. Before you start playing, you should take a close look at the paytable of the video poker slot machine to know which cards you should hold and which you can give up without hesitation. Video poker machines are among the highest-rated video poker slot machines in online casinos in Germany, with six times the winnings of one's own bet on a flush and nine times the winnings on a full house. However, it is much more common to find real money poker machines that pay eight times for a full house and five times for a flush.

The different video poker variants

The traditional standard version of online casino video poker is the Jacks or Better game. A pair of jacks is enough here to win back at least your euro bet. Hands that are really worthwhile are usually those with a full house or better, with which you can win at least eight times your stake. In many video poker variants, a poker game with jokers and wild symbols is also offered. While most of the time you need at least two pairs in your hand to win, this happens far more often than in the standard version thanks to the Joker and Wild symbols, which substitute for any other symbol. In addition, these video poker machines often offer a particularly high jackpot, which is even higher than that of the royal flush, or even a jackpot if 5 jokers or wild symbols are held in the hand at the same time. As with other video poker machines in online casinos, Multi Video Poker also gives you five cards and you can choose which ones you want to hold. After that, however, many different games are played simultaneously and you receive additional cards in three, ten, 20 or often even over 50 different variations. You can win with all these variations and your chance of one of the main prizes increases enormously with the many combinations and possibilities. However, you also have to pay in advance for each combination, which requires a relatively high minimum bet and of course also involves a greater risk of loss.

The Most Populat Question about Video Poker

Video Poker is an online real money game and one of the first electronic games of chance, offered since 1979. It also represents an interesting player skill midpoint, somewhere between online slots and online blackjack, in terms of your ability to manipulate the house edge through skillful play. That seems to be very attractive for the creative German minds.

What is video poker?

Video poker is a variant of classic five card draw poker. Your goal is to make the best five-card poker hand, starting with an originally dealt hand and drawing from zero to five new cards, hopefully improving the hand.

How does it work?

You start with a bet, which is generally between one and five credits. The game deals a starting hand of five cards from a 52-card deck. There are several game variants that determine which hand is a winning hand. The most popular of these is Jacks or Better, where you need two jacks or more to win. Most games will let you know via video and/or audio cues if your starting hand is already a winner. After examining your hand, you click the buttons or the cards themselves and tell the game which cards you want to keep for your final hand. You then click another button to draw cards to replace the cards you didn't select. Combined, the cards you kept and the replacement cards make up your final hand. The game automatically announces if it's a winner, how much you've won and credits the bankroll for winning a poker hand for the variant you're playing.

Can I use a strategy?

You can, you should and you must! The mathematical odds calculations for winning hands of a particular video poker game and their respective payouts require a comprehensive and long term elimination strategy. And that's not always intuitive. Example: In Jacks or Better, it is generally better to keep four cards to a flush than a winning pair that is already in your starting hand. It feels wrong to throw away a sure winner, but in the long run, the flush payoff versus the odds makes all the difference.

Which games are the most popular?

Jacks or Better is the most popular game. But Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Joker Poker and Bonus Deuces Wild are also very popular.

Which video poker game offers the best odds?

That is different. You'll have to look at the paytables and do the math, or find edits online that have already done the math. An obvious clue is the payouts for flushes and full houses. These are generally 5 and 8 each. But occasionally you will also find a payout of 6 and 9 each. In the long run, this matters. Another strong clue is the payout for a max bet royal flush, which is generally disproportionately high when compared to the payout at lower stakes. In the long run, the highest royal flush payout at max bet reduces the house edge for you.

Which offer the best payouts?

That changes all the time. One of the many reasons why one should always be up to date about If anyone knows where to get the best payouts for online video poker, it's us. It's our business and we enjoy staying on top of such important matters to help you find the best video poker sites quickly can find online.